The Story

My fascination and love of nature grew in me from a very young age.  My momma was an avid gardener who found peace, love and tranquility from growing vegetable and flower gardens in my hometown of Gonzalez, Louisiana. My great love and respect for nature certainly came from my mom, instilled in me from my early childhood.   Every spring, momma would bring me to Zuelke’s Nursery, out in the woods by the Amite River.  Mr. Zuelke was such a kind man who took great interest in teaching me about plants.  Each spring, momma would let me choose my own vegetables, flowers and an occasional tree to plant that year.  I was always so excited. (read more below)

Bonsai for me began nearly 30 years ago as a birthday gift from a friend.  It was a juniper nana, a “kit bonsai” tree.  I followed the directions, or so I thought.  Weeks later, with green needles, I discovered the tree was dead!  I figured bonsai was very difficult and didn’t try again for quite a while.  Many years later, again, I received a birthday gift, this time a bougainvillea.  It lived and I caught the bonsai bug.  So, what began as a gift turned into a hobby, a fascination and a love.  I strive daily to become a better bonsai artist….you’re always learning.  Bonsai for me is so relaxing.  I find myself completely engulfed, totally focused on what I’m doing, not aware of my surroundings.  It brings me such joy and happiness, a connection with Mother Nature, God and our Earth.  Bonsai will bring this to you, too!  Don’t be afraid.  All you need is a little guidance and a desire to learn. 

Thank you for your interest in bonsai, an art practiced for over 1,500 years.  I hope to see you soon in my bonsai shoppe to experience the smile and wonder bonsai can bring to you.





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