Bonsai Workshop

Upcoming Bonsai Workshop! Saturday, July 22nd at Flamingo Rd Nursery


All inclusive: You receive a nice pre-bonsai, a new pot of your choice, wire, screen, soil and use of professional bonsai tools. This is a hands on workshop. I will guide you through the entire process. You'll even do wiring of branches!

The class is limited to 10 students, keeping it small and personal. $70.00 p.p. Registration and payment is required in person 7days, 8am-6pm at the front register. It sells out fast! Get in NOW!

We are so proud of our students from yesterday's Bonsai Workshop!

What a fantastic group of students for yesterday's Bonsai Workshop! You all did a great job creating your tree. Remember your bonsai guidance has just begun. I encourage you all to reach out for help in your new hobby. I know it will bring you lots of joy and happiness. Thank you for your interested in Bonsai and for being a friend and client. I truly enjoy spending time with you all!