Living Space

Decide where your beautiful bonsai will live. They always do best outside in a sunny locations! Sunlight is the most important ingredient for the overall health of your bonsai. If growing inside the tree must be in a bright sunny window or you can use a grow light.


Water the tree well and wait until the tree is dry before watering again. To determine if the tree is dry, insert your finger into the soil to the bottom of the pot. When your finger comes back dry Just count the days since you last watered and that’s your watering schedule.

Additional Instruction

Some trees require more water, including Lavender Star, Power Puff, Dwarf Holly, Bahama Berry and any other blooming or fruit-bearing trees, some less. Jades, Bougainvillea and Desert Rose, for example, should be watered at most once a week to 10 days. Cypress must be kept wet at all times. Junipers and Pines should be watered once dry. If left dry too long they will suffer. Fertilize with DYNA-GRO Bonsai Pro and/or Bloom as directed.